Aerial view of the Daintree.

Tropical Climate

Trinity Beach probably gets the most number of sunshine in all of North Queensland. It’s warm and temperate tropical climate is ideal for beach and outdoor activities.

The region, known for its tropical climate, has only two seasons: the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’. Temperatures during summertime range from 24 to 33 degrees celsius, and in winter, you can experience temperatures from 14 to 26 degrees celsius.

Cairns has a winter period of balmy temperatures and low rainfall and a summer period of warm temperatures with increased rainfall.

During the “wet” season, we get intermittent periods of tropical rain and sunny, but its always warm enough to swim, snorkel on the reef or The average maximum temperatures are 31.4 degrees celsius and an average minimum of 17.0 degrees celsius.

You can pleasantly swim all year round, but it’s best to ask the locals about the conditions before dipping in.

Indeed, Trinity Beach is a paradise found.