Must See Waterfalls in Far North Queensland

“Adventure is always one step in front of you”

Wondering where your next adventure will be? It may just be right around the corner or just a scenic road trip away. Northern Queensland has the most breath-taking views and experiences when it comes to finding the hidden treasures of Queensland Waterfalls. Not to mention the Tropical Cairns weather for these perfect trips.  All to be ensured the mentioned will suit the extreme hearted and a trip for the whole family.  All stunning falls are safe to swim but always be cautious of slippery rocks and lost jocks!  Be sure to pack your bags and your glasses, here we go into the tropical jungle of new memories of a lifetime.


The breath-taking sound and serenity this location provides will bring you to a whole still moment in time. Found in a rural town in the Atherton Tablelands Region. The 18.3 metre falls surrounded by lush rainforest, cascades perfectly to a pristine waterhole below where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool water. If you’re staying in Trinity Beach, Cairns for a getaway holiday there are easy options of booking an informative tour that can pick you up from your destination if you don’t have access to a vehicle.


Now this one is a little wilder and a little closer to home, a series of freshwater waterfalls and waterholes, with a mountain full of things to do for a little extra. Crystal Cascades is located only a 20 min drive from Amaroo at Trinity Beach. The infamous part of the cliff is called “No Fear” which is the highest perch from which to jump! Do mind there is wildlife in this area on land and creeks so watch your feet!  


Northern Queensland’s natural slippery dip!  A family favourite for the young, and the young at heart. Located 75km from Cairns, following the scenic route through Queensland’s highest peak at Bartle Frere. This day trip will be full and laughter and fun, and BONUS the walk to the falls is only 700 metres away, saving your energy for the falls!  With picnic areas and rest stops on the way it is truly a fantastic place to take the family.


A glorious atmosphere for a cool swim surrounded by incredible views. Located 76km from Cairn’s city. The Waterfall was created as ancient larva was formed into Basalt rock allowing the North Johnstone River to fall gracefully over the top creating the perfect spot it Is today. Along the walk features signs written and designed by the local Aboriginal people, The signs tell the story of the Aboriginal and European history of the area and of the Ngadjon-Jii culture and lifestyle.


Started planning the trip yet?  Far North Queensland’s accommodation provides a ray of different hotels and resorts, if you’re looking for something relaxing without the hustle and bustle, look more towards Northern beaches, cough cough … Amaroo at Trinity Beach. The perfect location between Port Douglas and Cairns, a dreamy holiday destination nearby to everything you need for the perfect holiday getaway.  Providing awakening sunrises over the crystal-clear waters of Trinity beach where all your adventures will begin.

Amaroo Resort Trinity Beach Cairns